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Gene Altered : Tactical Combat

The Genetic Federation is a global genetics organization, most commonly known for creating the universal cure for the deadliest of diseases around the world. After the creation of this cure, the founder of the organization, Giovanni Beneventi, has another goal to reach. He believes that humanity can evolve much faster with the power of the Federation’s technology to manipulate human genetics, giving them special abilities that would normally be impossible for them to have, even with millions of years of evolution. The world rejected his idea, either in disbelief or in fear of what might happen if this plan succeeded. Enraged and impatient, Giovanni went through with his idea anyways, hiding it from the public until he believed the time was right. He gathered a large number of individuals to use for this project, manipulating their genetics in different ways to give them different superhuman abilities. However, with this project came unusual side effects… Because of these side effects, the experiments were kept in the lowest floors of the Genetic Federation’s military base The Nucleus, so that nobody will discover them until Giovanni’s plan is fulfilled. But important questions still remain...what did the Genetic Federation do to the experiments’ DNA to cause these unusual side effects? What makes them so dangerous that they had to be locked up near their military?



Sci-fi Action RPG

Story Options

For this story, you will have the option to choose between 2 alternate points of view

Genetic Rebellion

Save the experiments and fight for their freedom against the Genetic Federation

Genetic Federation

Capture the experiments and protect the world from the danger they may cause



Each Characters in-game will have ther own story.


Our objective is to make this game alive as soon as possible.

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GA:TC an action RPG game with a story being told from 2 different perspectives, wich is made by The Missing Textures studio.